1. What is the nearest access point for the Zambezi Queen?
Kasane. There are flights from Johannesburg to Kasane daily.

2. How far is Kasane from Victoria Falls?
Approximately 90 minutes by road – it can easily be combined with a stay in Victoria Falls.

3. What is included in the rate?
Apart from the accommodation on-board, three meals daily, all scheduled activities and selected wines, beers, ciders and soft drinks.

4. What are the immigration requirements?
As Namibia and Botswana share the Chobe River, guests will have to exit Botswana via immigration and enter onto Namibian soil on the other side of the river where they will have to present themselves to the Namibian authorities and be stamped into Namibia before boarding the Zambezi Queen.

5. What transfers are included?
Road transfers to and from Kasane Airport are included in the rate.

6. Are children permitted and from what age?
We accept children from ages 7 upwards. Triple rooms are available for kids sharing with their parents (Max 1 child per suite).

7. What about special dietary requirements?
Where possible, dietary requirements will be accommodated by prior arrangement. Halaal and Kosher meals are regrettably not possible.

8. What currencies are accepted on-board?
We accept Namibian Dollar, South African Rand, Botswana Pula and US Dollar.

9. Are credit cards accepted?
Yes, we accept Master and Visa cards.


1. Is there a gratuity guideline?
Gratuities are at the discretion of the guest. Our guideline is USD 10.00 per person per day.

2. Does the Zambezi Queen sail on the Zambezi River?
No, the vessel was named on the river it was built, but it sails on the Chobe River. The confluence of the Zambezi and Chobe River is 5 km from the vessel’s first mooring point.

3. How far does the Zambezi Queen travel on the Chobe River?
Approximately 25 kilometres.

4. What is the dress-code?
Light and comfortable especially for summer with a hat readily at hand. In winter a pullover is required for early mornings and evenings.

5. Are guests seated together at meal times?
No, unless they form part of a group booking.

6. Do you offer fishing?
Yes, tiger and bream fishing is possible on the Chobe River. We offer basic fishing tackle for keen fishermen.

7. Is the water on-board safe for drinking?
All water on-board is purified but we do recommend bottled water.

8. Can you confirm whether all cabins are air-conditioned?
All our cabins are air-conditioned however please note at 22h00 when the generators are switched and our secondary supply starts then the cabin fans can be used.

9. Can I use my CPAP (small medical supervising device) at night?
Zambezi Queen switches over onto an inverter system after 22h00 at night & we connect the CPAP to our inverter system. Should you require assistance in this regard please advise our reservations team when making the booking.

10. What kind of plug points are in the suites?
We have the 3 prong South African plugs and the 2 prong European plugs in the cabins should you require an American adaptor this is available upon request.